Emma graduated from CPUT in 2006 with a B.Tech in Somatology. While furthering her qualifications in Gel Nails and Eyelash Extensions Emma managed a beauty salon for a doctor at a Health Center.  In 2008 Emma opened her own business in Tokai,  gaining a reputation for perfect Eyelash Extensions and becoming a Lash Master.  Emma is entirely devoted to providing her clients with the ultimate experience in well-being while offering them the perfect make-over using her extensive skills.

Her salon, The Lash and Beauty Room, is situated in Wynberg where her and her team of knowledgeable and experienced therapists offer a wide variety of beauty treatments at affordable prices. Always keeping up to date with the latest technology and developments in the industry, Emma is now offering 6D Microblading and Dermapen3.


Eyelash Extensions are individual synthetic eyelashes which are applied with safe medical grade bonding agent to each of the natural eyelashes to enhance one’s own eyelashes in length, thickness and curl. They are semi-permanent and can last up to 2 months if cared for in the correct way. They are perfectly safe as they are not attached to the skin.

At The Lash and Beauty Room, our therapists are considered experts specialising in Eyelash Extensions. They have been highly trained by Lash Master, Emma Brink. Only the best, highest quality synthetic mink lashes are used along with other lash products.

We have various lash curls including B, C and L. Lengths vary from 7mm to 14mm. Thickness varies from 0.07 to 0.25mm. Colour lashes and volume lashes are also available.


A medical grade skincare range that originated from clinical research into the critical role of collagen in skin regeneration. It is designed to effectively treat damaged and aging skin on the face and body returning it to a more youthful and healthy state increasing collagen synthesis. Collagen is critical for the skin’s ability to retain moisture and for the regeneration process. The skin’s production of collagen decreases with age, leading to loss of moisture and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as the elasticity is reduced. QMS Medicosmetics reverses the appearance of aging by addressing the underlying cause – loss of collagen.


An eyelash and eyebrow enhancing serum. In just 4-8 weeks, this innovative high-performance formula promotes healthy, natural lashes and brows. Lashes and brows are nourished and strengthened to fight damaging environmental elements and premature fallout. Vital proteins, vitamins and moisturizing ingredients join forces to help rejuvenate and fortify delicate lashes and brows, and improve the overall appearance. Long 4 Lashes offers fast results that help turn brittle, short or sparse lashes into fuller, thicker looking lashes and brows. We also stock the mascara from this range which nourishes and strengthens lashes.


Chrissanthie is a home grown South African product developed by an Eye Specialist/Opthalmic Surgeon, Dr Chrissie Cockinos and pharmacist Christine Deist. It contains Tea Tree and citrus extracts which are both Anti-bacterial and Antiseptic. It was designed to prevent and treat Blepharitis, which is an infection of the eyelids and eyelash follicles due to bacteria called Staphylococcus and parasitic mites called Demodex. Common symptoms of Blepharitis include scratchy, red and dry eyes. It is recommended for everyone with Eyelash Extensions to prevent bacterial infection on the eyelid area. It will not cause the adesive to break down or shorten the life of the eyelash extensions. It is hypoallergenic and is suitable for all skin types.


Smittens give a mild daily skin exfoliation while preserving its natural and delicate PH balance. Their fabric is woven with fibers that have a super-fine density. These tiny fibers are able to penetrate the finest, microscopic particles of oil, dirt and even bacteria on any surface. Unlike the rounded threads of ordinary cotton cloth, which just push dirt along the surface of the skin, numerous wedge-shaped fibers actually capture and pull particles of oil, dirt and bacteria into the internal structure of the cloth and away from your skin. The result is superior cleansing that eliminates the very environment (oil, dirt, bacteria and grime) in which skin conditions can erupt.


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