With skin cancer on the rise, Consumers are becoming more aware of the damaging effects of the sun and are searching for healthy alternatives.

At THE TAN LAB ®, we have created a scientifically formulated tan that is unmatched by DHA-only products.

With its unique combination of DHA and Erythrulose, our innovative two phase tanning products ensure both ingredients work in synergy providing the most natural looking tan that lasts longer and fades evenly.

Phase 1

During the first phase, you can expect your tan to develop over the normal 8 to 12 hour period. This is your base colour.

Phase 2

The second phase of your tan will continue to develop even after showering! The full development period of the Erythrulose is 24 hours so expect a deeper tan to develop over the next day. This development process ensures a long lasting natural tan that will fade evenly.


With our philosophy of ‘less is more’, we don’t promote the darkest tan, but rather the most natural looking tan for a particular skin type. We believe that one product alone cannot work on all skin types, so we have developed this range to meet the needs of your specific skin tone.

We have tested this mix extensively and have found the perfect percentages in every one of our products. Whether you are very fair or olive toned, our lotions or salon applications will be perfect for you!